Virago XV 535

Every few days I’ll get a question from Virago XV 535 owners on some problem or other.  I am at a disadvantage here since I have never owned a 535, or seriously worked on one beyond changing oil.  I do have the the factory service manual and the Clymer manual, so I can answer some questions on specifications, but don’t expect problem troubleshooting on this site.

Since Yamaha practice is often similar between bikes, I can sometimes give some general guidance on some issues.  But the carbs in particular, are a different configuration from the carbs on bigger Viragos, and I don’t feel qualified to seriously consult on these, since I have never disassembled them.  Some of the carb basics discussed in the article on CV carbs will apply, but 535 carbs are downdraft carbs, and have differences in construction from the carbs found on bigger Viragos..

My impression is that 535’s were offered in the U.S. in  ’87, ’88, ’90, and then from ’93 to the end of the run in 2000.  From ’90 on in the U.S. these bike were given an addtional fuel tank so that riders considering 535’s might keep that in mind.  Also most Yamaha dealers are refusing to work on bikes over 10 years old, so from the standpoint of parts and service support, the later built models would seem to have the advantage.


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