The Yamaha Virago Website Link Exchange

This is a brief explanation of the ‘The Yamaha Virago Website Link Exchange’.


The goal of this is to bring each other extra traffic we would have otherwise not have gotten. This also help out both us, and our guests and members, by having more information available for them to work with. So a win win for everyone! This endeavour is called theĀ  ‘Virago Link Exchange’.

So if you have a website that has beneficial content for our guests and members here then our site information will be beneficial to yours. All you need to do is use the ‘contact us’ form at the bottom area of the forums and send us your main website link, how you would like it displayed in our link list, and where you would be placing our link. I will then get back to you ASAP to get all the details straightened out.

Here is basically how it would work: You post a link to this site on your web site in a visible location. Then your site link gets placed under our ‘Other Virago resources’ section which is visible on all of the Virago Tech Articles pages. Pretty simple isn’t it.


Future Plans

I will most likely be creating a small banner that my server would host that will cycle through the sites that have joined the ‘Virago Link Exchange’. Soon as I have at least 4 or 5 websites that are participating I will write the code to bring this into existence. Then instead of a link each of us would have a small banner image that each of us would put the small bit of html needed to run it on each persons site. Then instead of a static link guests and members would have nice banners to look at and catch their eye. This would make the link exchange more beneficial by bringing in even more visitors from friendly sites.

I think this is a great idea and that Virago Help would bring some Virago tech hunters to others participating in this Virago Link Exchange. We here at Virago Help plan to create tons of Virago Tech Articles for Virago owners to use to help them with their problems and projects. We try to emphasize to our members that making how to posts on the forums are very important and can possibly help future Virago riders quite a bit. Even something as small as changing a Virago XV1100 spark plugs out can possibly help someone. No matter how small a task… if it is described well and has maybe a few photos with it can be a boon to someone who hasn’t worked on one before. Thanks for reading and I look forward to bringing the community together for the good of all.


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