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Not too long ago, I bought my first motorcycle, a 1990 Virago 535. (Virago Sticky Buttons)One of the first problems I had with it, besides a dead battery for lack of the previous owner riding it, was the fact that the headlight wouldn’t stay on. I had no wiring diagrams, or even an owner’s manual to go by. So, I commenced tearing the side covers off, and anything else I could see wiring behind. I traced every wire and connection by hand and decided that since I couldn’t find a loose connection or broken wire anywhere that it must be a bad electrical component. After putting everything back in its proper place, and a half an hour trying to get the headlight itself back together and pointed the right direction, I decided to take the bike around the block just to blow off steam. After starting the bike and turning it around, I noticed the start button on the handlebar was stuck in. When I pulled it back out, viola, I noticed my headlight shining in the windshield of my wife’s car. So, after taking the switch apart, giving it a thorough cleaning, and applying a little WD-40, the switch worked fine and I haven’t had another problem out of it yet. I just thought that I would send this to you, just in case someone else out there has a problem with this. In the midst of my dilemma, I searched the internet far and wide, and never found a fix or tip posted for this problem.

Editors Note: This is a relatively common problem for all Viragos and is easy to fix as noted above.

Virago Sticky Buttons Submitted by Jason Pruett

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