Virago Starter Clutch slippage Solution

Virago Starter Clutch slippage Solution!
This could happen to any bike.

        Do you want to save $750.00 CDN or $350.00 for a used starter from the ripoffs in Langley BC? Well, I see that welding the internal ring gear is not recommended due to possible backfires wrecking everything. My
solution on examining the problem with the slippage is to drill a 3/16″ hole through the casing into the ring gear and then tapping a 7/32″ screw into the whole thing. I used two screws from a computer casing…you now the type…they hold the case on. Anyway, the screws will shear if the engine backfires. All you have to do is pull it apart and drill press the screw ends out and replace them.

I was quoted the above amounts by a dealer and someone at a wrecking yard…which gets these bikes either free or a minimal cost and charges 50% – 75% of the retail value for the parts (I call that a rip off). So
I got pissed and found my own solution. The 750 Viragos are nice running bikes but this starter problem should have been corrected by the company…free.

Starter Clutch Slippage Submitted by Kevin

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