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Well.. after finally having up all of the VOC and Dr. Piston archives we can finally start adding our own articles. Mind you not all will be original articles as some will be old articles that were dug up and reformatted for this site. Credit on these articles will be added if it is known were they originated. I do hope to add some of my own workups over time. Once I score another Virago , hopefully this coming spring, it will be much easier as I will document most things I do.


Articles are available by clicking links to the right of this webpage under the heading “Virago Help Articles”


Anyone who has anything that would prove helpful please send it our way. I will reformat it for the site and add credit to you as deserved. Even if you only have a Youtube video, I can adapt it for the site hopefully giving your video more views =].


If anyone has any comments or corrections please send them to me and I will consider them for inclusion. Thanks everyone!

Me working on new articles!

Me working on new articles!


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