Virago Gas Tank Upsize

Change Out To A Larger Virago Gas Tank

An alternative to “Fat Tanks” units which are pricey and still require extensive modifications. Zack Aldefer has came up with a modification to fit the Virago using an ’89 FLT Harley tank and has been gracious enough to provide a step by step installation. He has also agreed to allow other Virago owners to contact him for further information on this conversion. E-mail
O.K. heres what I did… and with no major modification…here are the steps:
1. Remove seat and old gas tank.
2. Remove front rubber tank mounts
3. Use a grinder to grind the 2 mounting ears off of the frame
4. Drill out the hole in the rear flange of the Harley tank so it will fit over the mounting peg on the frame
5. Grind down oval “key” on frame for original tank until the flange from the new tank fits
6. Trial fit tank on frame…you will need to massage the frame a bit on the air box hump on the right side of the bike
7. Once the tank is down low enough for you satisfaction, you can now mark and drill the holes…be sure to put silicone in the holes as the Japanese steel of this vintage LOVES to rust.
8. Use your preferred screws with the rubber grommets that should be used for the tank…I used self tapping sheet metal screws, and I may upgrade to a longer bolt that goes through the frame
9. Now for the hookup. Buy a tee fitting that will fit the fuel hose going to the carbs hook the carbs up to the fitting, and then the line from the tap to the tee (this Harley tank only has one petcock). Also, there is a fuel crossover on the front of the tank…use a length of fuel tubing to bridge this, or you will have a mess on your hands when you fill the tank for the first time
10. Plug the vacuum lines that are attached to the intake manifolds
Like I said, it was an 89 FLT tank. This tank has the gas fill in the center, where HD usually puts the speedometer. Try to get as much of the trim as possible (dash, fill cap etc) as they are tough to find at swap meets. There is minor problem in that the steering tree bolts will hit the tank on a full lock turn…I am currently trying to figure out a spacer system, I think a piece of steel wrapped around the limiting ears to stop the bolts from hitting the tank.
Feel free to contact me for further information at the above E mail


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