Virago – Accel Super Coil Installation

Virago – Accel Super Coil Installation and Notes
Project Bike -1985 XV-1000 Virago
     Back in 1985 I wanted to have the look of the Accel wires on my bike, so I spliced-in a set of 8mm copper core wires. The splicing process was basically an inline wire connector, lots of silicone sealer and shrink tubing. I removed the NGK spark plug caps also. Not thinking at the time about resistance and the TCI unit, I just made the change and it ran great for over 96k miles. The Accel Supoer Coil adaptation was the barinchild of Mike Miller – Austin, Texas. While changing-out my OEM coils for the Accelk Super Coil, I decided to check the resistance levels and record them for you to see. Refer to the cart below: (20k phms scale)

Cylindar #1
Cylindar #2
OEM Coils
K Ohms
K Ohms
Total Resistance
No NGK Resister Cap

Non-resistor plugs
.. ..
Accel Super Coil
.. ..

Total Resistance –
with resisitor plugs


Total Resistance – w/o plugs



Autolite Plug Resistance
     Recently, I heard of an Accel Super Coil that can be installed on the Virago. Aceel makes a single fire super coil for Harley’s which will work on the Virago. Accel’s part number is 140408.  The primary resistance is 3 ohms.
     Super Coil Project – 1985 XV-1000 Virago – Installation
Parts Needed:(1) Accel Super Coil – P/N 140408 – $49.00 plus tax and shipping
(2) 8.8 mm Copper Core Wires with straight coil boots (90 degree spark plug boots optional)
(2) BPR7ES (NGK) or Autolite 63 (resister plugs cross-referenced to NGK BPR7ES)
    NOTE: Check the plugs before installing them for resistance – should be around 5k ohms each
( I had to return one plug because it had no resistance)
(3) 14-16 gauge closed loop 5/16″ dia. connectors (if you don’t retain the stock setup)
(2) 14-16 gauge spade connectors

Fabricated Brackets: (The pictures are not the best, but they give an idea of how it looks)

(1) Super Coil mounting bracket (made from 1/8″ aluminum plate)

View 1        View 2       View 3     (see sketch)

(1) Pressure Switch mounting bracket – same material
View 1       View 2        View 3       View 4        View 5
(this bracket could’ve been made in one piece with the right size material)


Step 1:
– Gather all your parts
– Check total resistance from the super coil (-) terminal to the spark plug core.
(should be 18k ohms)

Step 2:

– Make the mounting bracket for the Super Coil
– Make the mounting bracket for the Pressure Switch

  Step 3:

– Keep the OEM wiring connections and use spade connectors with electrical tape to extend the wires.
– Or cut and splice the OEM wires and use crimp connectors

Step 4:
                             – Assemble the Pressure Switch to the fabricated mounting bracket.
– Mount the Pressure Switch bracket assembly to the old coil mounting bolt (the lower one).
(Keep this assembly as low as possible)
Plug-in the Pressure Switch electrical connection and attach the vacuum hose.

Step 5:

– Attach the Super Coil wires to the coil
– Both red/wires go to the (+) terminal of the coil
– The Gray wire goes to the left (-) coil terminal
– The Orange wire goes to the right (-) coil terminal

 Step 6:

                             Mount the Super Coil           View 2       View 3        View 4
(Replace the orignal screw with a head bolt to tighten the coil more securely)
– Attach the spark plug wires

OKay! Fire that baby up!!

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