Made some small server setting changes to fix small issues recently happening. Please let me know if anyone has any issues with the site. Please also note that the website will be going down for maitenance and upgrades on August 1st at 1AM EST. The site will remain offline for up to 2 hours. Will be a late night for me :)

Update for Friday 27th of May 2016

Update for Friday 27th of May 2016.


Hope you all are having a great Spring and quickly coming Summer.


Some good news as far as the site goes. I know I already mentioned this on the forum side of the site but we are officially paid up until June of 2017. This doesn’t mean the site doesn’t need more cash… it just means it is caught up until then. There are features that cost money like, weekly(or faster) automatic updates stored on a cloud server somewhere that I would love to have considering for now I do it manually and, As perfect as I would like to be, I do tend to forget to do the weekly updates here and there. This is just one feature I would like to add to the sites annual biling as well as many other time saving features, and just all around helpful things the site could use.

As the site grows I will need to look into adding more site administrators. Currently there is only 1 FULL MODERATOR (ME), 1 Site wide Moderator(Joe), and a single forum Moderator (Rich) so he can Moderate his section where he sells his kickass Yamaha Virago Parts.


My point is this…. just because I say the site is paid up for the next year…. it doesn’t mean we still do not need help from our awesome members. If you can’t afford to help out monetarily then you could still help out by becoming a Moderator. I have it set up so that a new members first post must be approved before it is visible to everyone else thus stopping spam from being all over the site. If you would like to become a Moderator just message me and I will make a decision based on your site activity and if I deem you worthy you will be on a short tether(At First) just incase you try to damage the site in any way.


I still do not have a replacement bike yet and am giving out a call to anyone in the Michigan area who has a bike I can get road worthy fairly cheap. I am selling my 2002 Ford Mercury Cougar for $800 oBo. It is driveable but either needs new plugs or wires since it is missing on and off on 2 cylinders. It apears to miss from idle up to about 2700rpms. Runs great down the highway. I already have a replacement truck. A 1998 FordXLT with a V-6 automatic with overdrive. Least I will be able to make a few bucks off it by moving scrap around inbetween taking care of my dad.

He is still very sick. Calostome bag, peg tube for feeding him straight to his stomache, cathedar, trachaeitomy as well. He is basically bed ridden but we are doing are best to keep him up and moving around to gain his strength back.  Sometimes he is kinda out of it… sometimes he seems like his old normal self.


I am hoping to sell this car and pay off the truck (was only $500) and have enough left over to buy ANY cheap bike that I can make some of these trips back and forth from clio to pinconning this summer. So as I said everyone please keep an eye out and any beater I can get tagged to run down the interstate would be great. Maybe someone knows where a halfway decent enduro is laying around with a clean title for real cheap. Thanks again to everyone on this site who has shown me support in my rough times of need. Maybe one day I can repay the favor.




Small changes March 30, 2016

Hey all. I was doing some back end work for the forums and decided to change the banner at the top of the website. For some reason it was a total pain in the ass. But it is done now 🙂

Let me know what you think about it. Hopefully it will be appealing to everyone. A website isn’t any good if it just sits stagnant never getting changes to it and such.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. No matter how bad things get there is always a good friend or family member to help lift your spirits, just remember that when you think things are bad.

I have a few ideas of some more content that I can incorporate into the site. I really wish ViragoTech would quit being asses and work together with us. It would really help having a search box on their site, and this site, that when used pulls results from both sites. I could write the code in a matter of hours and I think it would really be beneficial to Virago owners. Take care everyone.



Renewed Domain Name 3-25-2016

Hey everyone!! Just have a few updates for the site. I have officially paid the Domain name up until May of 2017 before it comes due again. This is just the dot com name for the site. I still need to pay up the hosting till May of 2017 (it isn’t due to be paid, yearly, until May of this year) and am just waiting to see what the hosting provider is going to work with me on price since the hosting account has been using a bit too much of our allocated 4% usage from the server it is on. Just trying to keep the horse in front of the cart so to speak.


I did a little back end work as far as how the site caches pages and cookies to help get that 4% CPU usage down a bit. I will have to keep track of statistics over the next few months to see if it helped or not. It shouldn’t affect site usage or uptime but if anyone notices anything funny please bring it to my attention.

I also made the post creating tool a little more sophisticated for those of you who might be interested in making fancy posts. You will notice it if you click “post reply” on any posts. All the extra stuff you can now do is in the area right above where it takes you to post your reply now.

Things have been crazy with my dads health so please be patient with me if I am slow to respond some days as I am making A lot of trips between Clio and Pinconning. When I am in Pinconning the Internet is not very cooperative and sometimes I can’t even get online while I am there. My apologies but there isn’t much I can really do about it. Thanks everyone for your support for the site. If any of you have even $1 you can spare please send it on over because every bit adds up. I wish I could just afford this money on my own, and not even have to bring up needing help, but that just isn’t the case right now.



Site Update: New Articles

Hi everyone. Hope this year is turning out to be good for you. I had some time the last 2 days and added a few new articles. What they are is specification information for things like torque settings, spark plug gaps, lubricant types and other good info. The links are to the right of this text under ‘Virago Help Articles’ or you can go to them from these links below.


Isn’t looking good for me being able to buy another bike for this spring… I’m pretty bummed but I just can’t get the extra funds together. Between taking care of my dad and life in general I am just stuck in a rut right now. I refuse to get anything other than a virago. Just love these bikes. Maybe things will improve and the Virago Bunny will put a Virago inside a giant plastic egg for me!!!




Hey everyone. Hope all are having a good start to the year. I look forward to adding some more content to the site. More information about this coming soon. If you need help jump on over to our forums.



Motorcycle Tire Guide added – Update Nov, 11, 2015

I was looking through a hard drive from a computer that died on me and found some useful info ViragoJoe had sent me. One was a PDF from the Motorcycle Industry Council on motorcycle tires. I figured something like that would be quite important information to us riders so I found a way to have PDF’s readable directly on our site here. The format works nicely. Please check it out as I am very proud of it and will be displaying PDF’s from now on this way for those of you on tablets or phones who cant download it. I also put a download link at the bottom as well so those who wish to see it off line on thier own computer can do as well. Here is a link to it. Enjoy!

Motorcycle Tire Guide



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