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Thanks for seeing about donating to Virago Help!!

Members that Donate get a special Status on the Forum!

Most people have no extra money to donate to a website.(I know I sure don’t and I am the one trying to keep the site going!) You can make money online to help! So for people who can’t afford to donate to Virago Help we decided to come up with other ways for you to help keep our site alive without any extra money coming out of your pocket.


Making yourself some money online!!

Here is the only two sites for making money online that I can recommend. I use both when I have the time to spare. Making some extra cash online is easy. Join one or both of these sites and start doing some of the earning tasks on their site. The money adds up!



If you want proof of me making money from either of these look at these screen shots!! I haved actually made quite alot!

Swagbucks Earnings Screenshot

Some Giftcards I redeemed for Using Swagbucks.

Some Giftcards I redeemed for Using Swagbucks.

InstaGC Earnings Screenshot

Some Giftcards I redeemed for Using InstaGC.

Some Giftcards I redeemed for Using InstaGC.

Note: Don’t worry about those gifcard codes that are visible. I already used them all! Plus I didn’t show the recent ones.

As you can see I have done pretty well and I don’t use these sites a lot. If you need help earning I will gladly help you get started making some money online. Just email me using the contact us form on the forums or you can private message me.


You can also Help us this way

By making a purchase through our site to Ebay you are not spending any extra money. Whatever you buy will cost the same just as if you went to Ebay yourself and searched for it. You just have to go to their site through clicking at an item that interests you. Once you do that, whatever else you look at on their site and buy within a certain time frame, will earn our site a small amount of commission for sending you there.

Very easy and it doesn’t cost you a dime to do. It also works this way if you want to make a purchase through Amazon as well. I will create links below for you to search through. So if you are planning on buying an item from Ebay please come here! You will be helping keep a great site, and important Virago Information online for yourself and others to enjoy! Thanks from all of us here at Virago Help!

Note: Clicking either Ebay or Amazon after the listed item takes you to that sites search results showing exactly what item is listed for you to buy or look at. =]


Buy Virago Brakes  –   Ebay  or Amazon

Buy Virago Seats and Mirrors  – Ebay or Amazon

Buy Virago Gaskets and Seals – Ebay or Amazon

Buy Virago Wind Shields – Ebay or Amazon

Buy Virago Cables and Controls – Ebay Amazon

Buy Virago Engine Parts – Ebay or Amazon

If you need something else not listed here you can just click through one of the links to get to the site you want to buy from and search from there. We should still get credit if you do it that way. Thanks again for taking the time to help out the site!!

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