Mistakes in documentation

From time to time we discover mistakes in Virago tech manuals.  Thanks to the Virago owners who discover them, and point them out.  If you discover a mistake, please let us know!!


Carberator needle assembly

The blowup of the Mikuni carb shows the needle with the collar slipping up and on below the e-clip.  If the needle is assembled this way, the coil spring above will have nothing to push against, and the needle will float in the slide and cause major running problems.  When removing needles from slides, always note the order in which the springs, collars, etc.go on.  The spring must be pushing down on the needle so that it will go up and down with the slide, and not float.  The collar goes above the e-clip.


Main Jet sizes for 1981/83 XV 750’s and 1984/85 XV 700’s.

Clymer got these reversed.  The 750 came from the factory with #122 man jets in both carbs, and the 700’s have a #128 in the #1 (rear, left hand) carb, and #132 in the #2 (front, right hand) carb.


Pilot screw change

1981-83 750’s and 1981-82 920’s (chain and 1982 virago J)   Had pilot screws in which the O ring sat.  The spring sat above the O ring against the upper flange of this groove.  From 1983 on (with the exxception of the 1983 750)In Version 2, the design of the pilot screws changed and this groove was gone.  For these later screws, the correct assembly of the components onto the the pilot screw goes like this:  First the spring is placed on the pilot screw.  Then the washer. Then the O ring.  I mention this because Yamaha never showed this change in their documentation.  People looking at the carb blowups in the factory manuals, and Clymer, get confused as to the proper way to place components on these later screws–particularly when they didn’t pay close attention when they removed them.

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