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Thank you for helping to keep Virago History ALIVE!!

A little back story…. I was approached  by a good guy named ViragoJoe. He had mentioned to me that there was some important Virago information that was no longer online any more. I thought about this and mentioned to him that I was a self taught coder/website builder. After a little back and forth I decided to go ahead and get the ball rolling to bring this information back online.


I have worked hard getting the Dr. Piston and VOC(Virago Owners Club) information back online. I have put in a ungodly amount of hours into bringing this site together and this likely wont change much as I have lots of plans to make Virago Tech Articles on my own by doing the work on my bike and taking pictures and explaining in detail how things get done. The only Virago information on this site that is from other sources will only be the Dr. Piston and VOC archives. Everything else will be made new by me or by members of the site.


I don’t expect a thing for my time I spend on this site except the satisfaction that I helped another Virago Owner fix his/her bike. However… the hosting and domain registration is something I could really use help on. If you can’t afford to help that is fine as I understand… the economy is crap and jobs are still a little scarce.


Here in Mid Michigan it has been tough ever since the automotive plants left town over a decade ago. We never recovered and probably never will. I will do my damnedest to keep this site online with my own funds but I know it will be a tough task. I myself am unemployed right now and get by from repairing anything mechanical or electronic that is worth fixing to resell. I don’t make much money at all but I do the best I can. I am self taught in everything I know. I just apply common sense to everything I approach. I figure if someone invented something from scratch, why can’t I figure it out and fix it right?


So for those of you who can not afford to donate any cash, I have another area set up where you can actually help out the site by buying things you already planned on buying. This is the ‘Other ways you can Help Out!‘ section. Donating to Virago Help this way costs you not a dime extra and can help the site pay its bills.

For those who can afford to send a few bucks I have a system set up to show you are a donor within the forums. The donation levels are as follows.

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Platinum – $20 – 4 months of your banner or link rotated on the site.

Diamond – $50 – 1 Year of your banner or link rotated on the site.

Just use the drop down selector above and select the level of donation you want. The appropriate level of donor that you are will display next to your profile in your posts you make. I am trying to figure a way for a donor to get something back for their hard earned money. Each donor level can have a banner advertisement of their choosing to be advertised on the site for the period of time listed above. Times are subject to change. If you donated your time is locked in. Thank you for being a part of Virago Help!

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