Added New Market Place Area

Hi all. I hope everyone is liking the changes I have made so far to Virago Help. I just added a new Market Place area. I only made 3 sections. A wanted area where people can post what parts or bikes they are looking for and an area for selling complete bikes and then also of course an area for selling just parts. I dont see a reason for another section. Hope this is helpful!

I have lots of small changes that I want to make to the site including reformatting this area of the website eventually to be much more user friendly. As always if anyone has any suggestions for Virago Help please let us know in the Forum Area.


I myself am looking for a cheap Yamaha Virago right now so if you or someone you know likes in the Michigan area and have a broke down Virago that needs some love please let me know.

A special thanks to all our members for making this site such a great place!!

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