Updates finally coming to site during 3rd-10th May!

Well spring is slowly showing itself here in Michigan and it is about time. Its been a very Icy winter here and we need the change.

Speaking of changes my life has been pretty busy this past year and I have not had the time for Viragohelp that I would like to so Ive only been able to keep it updated on the backend to keep it running and not much else. But changes are coming. Nothing big but a few improvements I have been wanting to make for awhile now. I have a entire week off work coming up in the very beginning of May and I have set aside most of it to work on the site.

There should be no downtime during this but it is possible the site might not be available for a few minutes here and there. If anyone has any ideas for the site as always feel free to drop me a line on the sites private messaging or through my email. I am always welcome to new ideas.

Riding season is now upon us here where I live and already in season for many for you. Enjoy it! Keep those ole Viragos running and be safe this Riding season!

PS: Many thanks to iceman61 for his $100 donation and it is not his first donation either. It is amazing people like this that keep this site alive!! Many thanks to all who have helped support Viragehelp!

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