SSL and Dedicated IP installed and working- need your help!!

Hi and thanks to everyone for your help!


Now that our site is secure (SSL – the lock that appears in the browser area) should say https:// now instead of just http://. This means it is super hard for a hacker to intercept your communications with the site.

What we need help with is if anyone has any problems note them down, what you did to cause the problem, and the URL of the page you were on. This will help me greatly in upgrading code to work properly with our new SSL.


I have already went through the site code and fixed everything I could. But I don’t claim to be great at anything so I am sure there will be problems to be addressed. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me!


Now the lock colors and what they mean. It should always be a green lock. If the lock is orange or red it means most likely an image or something on the web-page isn’t loading under SSL and I need to fix it. So same again just let me know. You can contact me at or you can use the contact us form at

Once again many thanks to all of you that have made this website what it is and is becoming. I hear that there are a few virago help sites out there that have been blatantly abusing their members.

Well come on over to us, we respect and welcome everyone. If there are any issues with our site administration abusing their Powers contact me and I will look through the web logs and take any actions necessary. Thanks and Peace.


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