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GOAL $335



We hit 12.09% CPU usage yesterday. That is wayyy over our allotted 4% average and even with all the streamlining I have done to try to keep it under 4% daily. which I might say was mildly successful, we are still having days spiking up huge CPU numbers that I just can’t get around unless I actually shut down the site once we reach our 4% usage total every day. That would bring the site to its knees in the face of showing up in google search results. I see now why Dr. Piston and the “VOC” Virago Owners Club ended up going offline. We need a massive campaign to put up enough funds to cover a semi dedicated server package for one year. It Would allow us 20% average CPU usage time which should be plenty for us with room to grow for the next 2 years if my numbers I crunched is correct. I did manage to get the site a considerable savings of instead of $30 a month I opened up a reseller account allowing us to get it for $25 a month.(The Reseller Discount) We Also need SSL and a dedicated IP while were at it. So in total we need 12 Months X $25 = $300 plus we get the reseller discount on the SSL and IP boughten together for only $35. I think and thats for 12 months as well. So… Here is the total $335 taxes included. We recently just got a $20 donation plus I have some advertising money and other donation money I put up that hasn’t been used on the site yet.
So what I am asking is for everyone who is a part of this site to help out if they can by donating using the link on the left hand side of the site. (Donate to ViragoHelp) If you have any trouble using this link then instead you can follow the directions below by going directly to PAYPAL.

If you are familiar with PAYPAL you can easily go there to and log into your account and choose to send money. Add as the recipient and the money will go straight to our account. Every dollar counts so even if you are only able to send a buck then please do because it WILL help.

What Donation Box Looks Like

I don’t care if you can only donate one dollar… every bit donated can AND will help! I will keep a running total on this web-page. You can recheck this page to see how close we are to obtaining our goal. Many thanks to those around here who help out and want nothing more than to see this website thrive!


Goal = $335

Totals So Far: $90
$20 random donation

$40 saved in donations and in advertising revenue

$30 from Choppin (Thanks!)

$20 more from me(I’m doing my best here guys to get it together)


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