Added part 1 to TCI rebuilding

Hey all. First off I want to say how proud I am of my son for graduating this weekend! First graduation I have ever been to. Due to my bad boy young self I never seen the inside of the high school past grade 9 so I am thrilled my son one upped me and got his diploma. I myself went and got my GED years back but it is most certainly not the same as graduating. So I am proud!!


Now back to the site…

I haven’t gotten a whole lot done. Did a little administering after I noticed a few accounts had their privileges messed up. That’s what happens when you stay up too late working on things.

I did get my tank cleaned of rust inside it and got my carbs cleaned out yesterday. Almost forgot but I also replaced my front brake rotor due to the old one being warped. Will be nice riding with front brakes. Surprised the bike even ran with the amount of rust I removed from the carbs. I went ahead and added a 75 micron filter to catch anything else that might come out of the tank for the first few tankfuls I run out of it. Once I am satisfied there wont be any more particles I will remove the filters. Going to head out today and hunt for a petcock gasket since the left now wants to leak. Once I accomplish that I can then see how well she runs now that the rust in carb issue has been resolved.

I also added part 1 in my TCI rebuilding how to in the DIY section of the forums. Here is a link incase you are curious…

TCI Rebuild Reconditioning

Part 1 basically explains how to take the unit apart and how to remove the thin film covering the sides of the boards without components.

I will see what all I can accomplish today. No promises except the promise that there is lots I need to do.

One project slowing me up a bit is the creation of a website for my sister. She does contesting wholeheartedly and actually wins a lot. The site is Mobile Sweeps List. Go on over and give it a look. I hope to have it ready for her over the next few months.. No rush.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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