Change to Profile Fields

The information I post here are also now available in the forums section under

‘Site Suggestions and Updates’

Users now have a profile field to put in what bikes they have. Go to your profile settings to find this new setting. This setting will show in your member profile on all your posts.
Also changed is the checkbox to receive a notification upon replies to your post. This was unchecked by default. Due to members wanted this pre checked because they forget it is now checked by default. If you do not want this checked by default you can change this setting in your user control panel in the board preferences, then edit posting defaults, change the option for Notify me upon replies by default: to NO and the box will not be checked by default.
I also managed to find the time to add just one new Tech Article today called Removing Carbs From A Virago. This article was made from the old VOC site data Virago Joe sent me.
Well that is it for today. Hope everyone has a great evening! Or day depending on where your are!!




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