Virago Help Site Update

Hey everyone. I am glad to announce the SEO(search engine optimization) for all the articles currently up is finished. Now search engines should be placing them all in the top 10 or so when people search for certain keywords. Now I can start adding the last 15 or so VOC(Virago Owners Club) articles that I have left to put up. I will be smart enough to do the SEO for anything else I add as I go this time so I wont have to go behind myself again =] .

Just realized it has been one month since I first bought the domain name for this site and started on it. I am pleased with how things are coming along. The articles section has a good bit of content so far and the forum seems to be functioning correctly. Not getting alot of visitors yet but that is because not all the search engines have the site indexed yet. I only submitted to google so far.

Was a chilly morning today when I pulled my Virago out the garage.. it was about 45F out. Very cold! I do really need to get the money together for a wind shield. LMAO. One thing at a time though.. still need to replace my front warped rotor. Rolling the dice riding without them front brakes all the time. Really sucks on stops with hills. Can only keep my left foot down because I have to hold the rear brake with my right. The things we do to ride… Fun Fun! Peace!

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