Finally fixed a issue on my Virago

Good news! Have been fixing and fixing things on my XV750 Virago and the same problem kept coming back. A front cylinder issue where it wasn’t running at start-up. Turns out the wires going into the stator were frayed and grounding out here and there causing an intermittent issue. Finally solved. Now just have some hesitation to work out.


For the website I have been slacking a little due to things in life getting in the way. The SEO I wanted done already is super close to being done. Once that is finished I can work on adding the rest of the VOC data into the site. See what I can get done today. Real sore from getting a 5000 watt generator back together yesterday. Still have to get the carb right on it but it’s close. Be a nice sell. But that has to wait for another day. Take care everyone.

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