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Hey all. I am going to finish the SEO for the existing content that is up today.. that is the goal for the day anyhow. For those of you who don’t know what SEO means I will clarify. It means Search Engine Optimization and it is just that. I optimize the content in the web pages and the meta tags only the search indexing robots see. If I get this right each page should be in the top ten in each search providers results when people search for things like… Virago Help!

If I can get that finished I will then work on putting up the remaining 15 or so Tech Articles. Once them are up I will be breaking the Tech Articles up into sections to make them easier to navigate.

A picture of my 1982 XV750 Virago TCI

A picture of my 1982 XV750 Virago TCI

I am planning on offering a Carb Rebuilding and TCI Reconditioning Service VERY soon. I will be beating the competitor prices easily. =] So if you need some work done or know someone please send them my way. Take care.

Ride On!! Peace!



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