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Hey all. I have the logo pretty much fixed site wide now. I still might adjust the box shadowing between the logo and the forum area but for now it isn’t that big a deal. I rebuilt my TCI for my Virago. It seems to be running on two cylinders now right from the start. This is great! I took tons of pictures so I can make a very thorough walk through of how to do a TCI rebuild for the others of you who want to do it yourself like I did. It only costs $2.18 in parts and the time involved is about 2-3 hours at most. That’s replacing ALL 12 capacitors and re-soldering every connection on the board. Hell of a lot cheaper than the $100 them guys doing these rebuilds out there charge. Actually… I might start offering this service for $60 or $70. I might also start offering carb rebuilds since I am pretty good with them as well. I rebuilt my set after they sat for almost 2 decades…. carburettors don’t get in much worse shape than that. Time will tell as I have alot of work to do on the site here still.  I find it funny… I will be the only guy doing TCI rebuilds offering people a walk through to do it for themselves. I wont be doing it for the money but more so just to help people out.

I am getting close to doing a full site launch. I will be submitting the site to all the search engines as well as posting all over the place about it. I still would like more testing done on the forums. I want to be sure the registration is working properly and sending out registration emails properly as well. Another thing I am worried about is the posting of attachments. If you can please try to post attachments and let me know how this goes. Limit is 4 attachments per post with a file size limit of 1MB (1000KB) per attachment. I will be creating a help article about posting attachments. If anyone tries this and has any troubles please contact me at admin at viragohelp, or you can also contact me through the ‘Site Suggestions’ area on the forums. Thanks!

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