Matching Forum to Tech Articles area

Hey all. I have been hard at it working on the site. I believe the forum functions correctly without any issues. However if anyone does have any problems do please let me know so I can address them.

I have been working on making the Forum area match the Tech Articles area. I think they are pretty close now. Only real differences are the Banner ads being at the top on one and at the bottom on the other. I will be resolving that shortly. That and I have not incorporated the sidebar with the Tech articles listing and the Dr. Piston listing into the forum. I am kinda thinking it doesn’t need to be there on the forum. Not completely decided on this issue. Anyone want to let me know what you think? I would gladly take the advise into consideration.

I am working on my first Tech Article made completely from scratch, ‘Rebuilding a 82′ Virago TCI’. It is started in the forum, in the DIY(Do It Yourself) section. Once I have it done there, I will pull together the information I put there, and create an actual Tech Article out of it.

Still having an issue with getting the 2 guys around that rebuild them TCIs to respond to me. They rebuild them so they must know the replacement part number for the two transistors that possibly need replacement. Apparently they either do not reply to emails, they quit rebuilding them, they are dead, or they are guarding the information so that someone like me can not make a walk thru for other people to do the rebuild themselves. I am not into conspiracy theories (Have to LOL at this point) but it seems this information is ‘Guarded’? Considering the parts are only a few dollars and they charge around $100 to do the job I’d say greed comes to mind. I WILL be reposting here with these two guys information, as far as the site where they advertise, so everyone knows what two guys are holding back the information. Oh well.. more information about this rebuild in the DIY section.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!! Peace!!



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