Need Testers For The Forums

Hi everyone! Any accounts that were previously created have been deleted unless you made it within the last 2 days. What we need right now are people to register for the forum and do some test posting for us.

Register for the forum using the link to the right. Once registered, and you have completed account activation through the email link it should have sent you, you should then be able to post.

Post wherever you want. Title it whatever you want. In the body of your post though please specify what browser and operating system you are using. This will help us resolve any issues.

Please also try to post images with your post. Maximum is 4 images per post with a maximum of 1MB or 1000KB file size per image/file.

Don’t worry about what you post as I will be deleting these posts once testing is over and I am confident we have enough testing that has gone on.

A big thanks to everyone who participates!!


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