Virago Site Update

A Virago Site Update. Well… it is done. I have upgraded to paid hosting. The email system now works properly. Also when you register you will now get a registration email with a link that you must use to activate your account. Everything works perfectly so far on the testing I have done. If anyone experiences problems please email me and let me know so I can look into it.

I will be adding a media section so users can upload pictures to the site when they post in the forum instead of having to put the picture on another site. This will make things much easier.

As I am a poor SOB, I will be adding the donation information to the site once I have added the rest of the old VOC site data into articles. If you can help..great, if not that’s OK too I suspect most people are in the same situation as me…broke. I’d lol here but it is not very funny. I really hope the economy picks up and everyone is able to get out of the ruts we are all in. Enough of that crap.

Think you have something that would help the site? Have a site or forum you want us linked to? No problem, just email me at with the information and I will see what I can do. Thanks for reading!


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