Update – Tech Articles

As promised I am working on putting up some Tech Articles. These are created from the site that went offline called the Virago Owners Club. It is now non-existent but the old site data has been given to me, (A BIG THANKS to VIRAGO JOE!), to bring it all back to life to help anyone needing the information to help fix their bike. I made sure that credit for the articles is given to the original author if the information was available and that credit also goes to the original VOC site.

I also added the Amazon Search Box as I said I would to the right hand side of the site on the very bottom so it does not detract from the site or get in the way of anyone looking for information in the articles. Please, if you can though, make your Amazon purchases through that link to help out the site =].

I have got the search function at the very top right hand side of the site working perfectly. If you do not want to read through all the articles looking for information you can simply do a search and it will bring up ALL the posts with relevant information to the search word you typed. The articles will appear in order of relevance. It is just a simple search function for now but as the site grows I will eventually change it to have an advanced search feature where you will be able to select more refinements for your search.

I am also working on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for the site as I create content so that it will make the site easier to find within the search engines. The site has been running off free hosting but the limitations have grown too big. This is why I added the advertising. Unfortunately the advertising doesn’t produce much revenue and currently produces a few cents a day because the site is fairly new and not getting much traffic right now. I will be adding a donation link here soon. I didn’t want to have to use ads or donations to run the site but it is just unavoidable since I am currently not working and the free hosting can’t stay. (Good news though I am working on getting my CDL) I can’t cover the costs by myself. Soon as I am done putting up about 28 more Tech Articles I will work on making an account for donations and figuring out how and where to implement it into the site. This site will NEVER be fee based and I promise that, as long as I take breath, it will stay that way. However donations will be welcomed once I feel the site is ‘Worthy’ of the support. Hope everyone has a great weekend!





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