New Changes

As most of you can see we have added some advertising to the site. Really didn’t want to have to do this but we have been using free hosting up to this point but the restrictions are getting to be too many. Data and server usage limits are crippling and why we cant send registration emails among other things. I will be upgrading this week to paid hosting so the advertising has been added in hope to help cover some of the cost. Eventually I will have up a donation link so you can help if you choose but I wont add this until I feel the site is together enough to warrant it. I will also be adding an Amazon search box so if any of you plan to buy anything through them it would help the site greatly to go through our link I put up to make your purchase. Then on a purchase you would have made anyways you will be contributing to the site and letting us make commission off it. Hope to have this up within the next few days. Lots of work to do! Both on the site and on my own bike =]. I will be putting in the starter gear clip on my 82′ XV750 Virago. Goofball who worked on it prior to me replaced the starter and never bothered to put the starter gear clip back on. These are terribly hard to find and we all know how bad the issues are on these First Gen Viragos… that’s with parts NOT missing… LMAO. Peace.



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