Added DIY section

I just added a DIY section in the forums for those of you with a project to share. Jump on in there and show us what you did… to your bike preferably LOL. Still working on putting together some tech articles. Soon as I have the first one ready I will add it. Hopefully in the next day or so. Also hope to be able to bring back to life some of the old VOC(Virago Owners Club) site information that is not currently online anymore. Soon as I have in my possession the old site files I will get right on it. So plenty to do I expect for quite some time. My goal is to get all this information online and keep it there until I have to pass the reigns to someone else. If anyone is having any issues using the site at all please contact me at . Just tell me what is going on and I will look into it asap. Hopefully no one has to tell me anything =]

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