Update – SEO optimazation and Search Engine Submittal

Been busy today. Went ahead and took care of a large majority of the search engine optimization(SEO) that was needed to get decent placement in the major search engines. After that I submitted the site to the 4 major search engines as well. As the site gets indexed traffic should start to trickle in and more people browse the site and hopefully find what they need and/or contribute some information possibly. =] I am also working on coming up with a solution for users to submit photos and such to a site media section. Expect to start seeing Tech Articles being added to the site as I get them ready. These updates I post can not be commented on but any articles can be by you. All you have to do is register and start commenting. You can even comment on the Dr. Piston Archives.(comments however must be approved at first and once you comment a time or two they automatically approve, keeps the spam bots at bay) Dont forget that registering also gives you the ability to post to the forum. Why not register and leave us a few lines about you and your bike in the forums!(The forum posts do not have to be approved and show immediately) Peace.


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