Update Dr. Piston Archives

Good news! The Dr. Piston Archives are now all up and all the linking is done. As far as I can tell it is ready for showtime =] If anyone notices anything, in the archives, that needs fixing please go into the forums and let me know. I, in the process of fixing my XV750 Virago, have some back and forth emails from Virago Joe that I am going to turn into articles that I hope will help future visitors. Joe is an amazing guy that has a wealth of knowledge about the Virago. He is a Moderator of the forums here and also is the only other author besides myself creating content for the site. We are actively accepting articles that have to do with the Virago. Do you have something you think would be a great addition to the Virago Tech Articles area? Send it to me by email or you can post it in the forums. I will look it over and decide if it belongs =]. I will allow your article to link to your site or service given you have a good name and are deemed trustworthy. Are you a good article/post writer and want to write about the Virago and help people fix their bikes? Let me know. After trust is built I can eventually give you full editor rights. Just thought I would throw these things out there. Ride on! Peace.


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