Advertising removed from forum side of website for members!

Hope everyone is enjoying this memorial weekend. I have tonight off work so I am sure enjoying a paid day off work =)

Great News! I have made it so the forum side of the website will be more user friendly and less cluttered even more by removing advertising for registered members. So if you are a registered member and logged in you should no longer see any advertising on the forum part of I have yet to redesign this side of the website with the dr piston and VOC archives so you will still see ads on this area until I get the redesign done on it then I will be making it the same way.

As long as we can scrape by on revenue from guest ad views and clicks as well as donations I will continue to make the site as user friendly and enjoyable as possible. Where most our revenue actually comes from is not ad views really but by people actually clicking on the ads. So if you see something on an ad that interests you check it out!! It helps support our website and keep us online!

Thanks to everyone who uses! Have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend!


Added New Market Place Area

Hi all. I hope everyone is liking the changes I have made so far to Virago Help. I just added a new Market Place area. I only made 3 sections. A wanted area where people can post what parts or bikes they are looking for and an area for selling complete bikes and then also of course an area for selling just parts. I dont see a reason for another section. Hope this is helpful!

I have lots of small changes that I want to make to the site including reformatting this area of the website eventually to be much more user friendly. As always if anyone has any suggestions for Virago Help please let us know in the Forum Area.


I myself am looking for a cheap Yamaha Virago right now so if you or someone you know likes in the Michigan area and have a broke down Virago that needs some love please let me know.

A special thanks to all our members for making this site such a great place!!

Site updates started 5-7-2019

Hello all. I have fully backed up the forum side of the site and am currently upgrading the software used for the forum. While I am doing this the forum side of the site will be unavailable and some of the links from this web page as well. I will try to be as quick as possible and will provide updates here if it will take longer than a few hours. Thanks for your patience!!


Updates finally coming to site during 3rd-10th May!

Well spring is slowly showing itself here in Michigan and it is about time. Its been a very Icy winter here and we need the change.

Speaking of changes my life has been pretty busy this past year and I have not had the time for Viragohelp that I would like to so Ive only been able to keep it updated on the backend to keep it running and not much else. But changes are coming. Nothing big but a few improvements I have been wanting to make for awhile now. I have a entire week off work coming up in the very beginning of May and I have set aside most of it to work on the site.

There should be no downtime during this but it is possible the site might not be available for a few minutes here and there. If anyone has any ideas for the site as always feel free to drop me a line on the sites private messaging or through my email. I am always welcome to new ideas.

Riding season is now upon us here where I live and already in season for many for you. Enjoy it! Keep those ole Viragos running and be safe this Riding season!

PS: Many thanks to iceman61 for his $100 donation and it is not his first donation either. It is amazing people like this that keep this site alive!! Many thanks to all who have helped support Viragehelp!

Site updates coming

I will be adding new sections on the forum for system specific information for the Yamaha Virago. Sections will be added for electrical, motor, suspension, and a few other specific areas of the Virago to help visitors locate the information they need. Thank you to all our loyal members and visitors to the site as clicks along with small donations are what help keep us online and able to provide this information. Looking forward to the riding season this year!

Brave Web Browser Tipping Enabled

Viragohelp is proud to announce our partnership with the new Brave Browser. Visitors using the secure Brave Browser can now tip with BAT tokens through the Brave Browser interface, The Brave Browser is a great safe way to surf the internet and get paid in bitcoin or BAT tokens simply for viewing the ads you already see using other browsers or you can have it block ads all together for you if that is what you prefer. Check it out at their website  here: Brave Web Browser

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. The browser blocks ads and website trackers. In a new version of the browser, the company has adopedt a pay-to-surf business model. As of 2019, Brave supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Wikipedia

Site Changes and Updates

Hi all. The site has been in need of some changes that were made by me awhile back. I just haven’t had any time due to health and family issues.(Home Schooled my Nephew). Anyhow I hope the small changes are liked and would like to hear back from anyone about them. Thanks for visiting and i hope you enjoy your rides in this great weather!

PS: More changes are coming!

Virago Help moved to new server

Hey everyone. As the notice on the site said I am moving the website to a new server to cover future traffic we might receive. The FORUM side I am still trying to get fixed so please be patient.

Thanks to everyone who is a member and visitor!

Happy Easter Sunday!

Hope everyone has a Great Easter Sunday! Enjoy times spent with family as you never know what the future holds so you should make the most of each day.

Spring is officially here so dust off those helmets, and riding gear, and hit the road! Drive safe.

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